Chan is fifteen and is in his second year at DeLaSalle Education Center. Chan is a good student and also has a passion for basketball and is an excellent player as a guard. Last year when DeLaSalle had a basketball team he was a starter as a guard. He would like to attend the University of North Carolina and go on to the National Basketball Association. He has a strong parallel interest in getting an educational foundation. He wants to study Business at North Carolina so that he will have the skills to operate his own business someday. He has a family background in automobiles with both of his grandfathers being involved in preparation and fabrication of racing cars and general automobile repair. His favorite car is a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. He enjoys art and likes to draw and sketch. He is most interested in working on the project team that will be spearheading the design and fabrication of the full body ultra lightweight shell for the project car.


David is a senior at DeLaSalle High School and was a member of the 2009 Creative Studio class. His long range ambition is to study mechanical engineering and become a mechanical engineer. He has a particular interest in the Automobile Design Studio because of the engineering aspect of the electric propulsion system and drive line system design and fabrication. The program has a mechanical engineer, Don Caffee that will be David’s mentor. David, though having an engineering interest also has a free spirited creative ability that he expressed in his design solution with his automobile styling model in last year’s class. He also has produced exciting perspective drawings of a house as an extra credit assignment in his class. His experience in the class will give him a valuable jump start to his career goals.


Andrew is a Junior at DeLaSalle High School and has been a member of the Creative Studio class for the last two years. Andrew with Zack Knighten completed the final design and after taking instruction in welding assembled the final heat shrunk plastic skin to the wire frame of the car. The completed car which was inspired by the BMW Gina concept car was presented to BMW and received positive reviews from Tom Kowaleski the Vice President of Communication for BMW of North America. The finished model from the previous year was published in Road and Track Magazine, an international automotive magazine. Andrew was involved in the display of the finished designs at the past two years Kansas City Art Institute “Art of the Car” Concourse. At the completion of the final design Andrew built a second model in clay that was then molded to create a bronze casting that was mounted and given by Andrew and Zack to the car of their selection that represented the excellence in design. Both final designs were also published in half page articles in the Kansas City Star. Andrews interest after DeLaSalle is in doing design of computer gaming. Andrew will have Tom Strongman as a mentor. Tom is an automotive journalist and photographer and the two will be responsible for the communications of the project. They will design and manage the WIKI type website for the project, with Andrew being in charge of the maintenance of the site.


Kelvin is fifteen and is an outstanding student at DelaSalle Education Center. He is mature for his age and does an excellent job of breaking down information and describing things in a thoughtful and intelligent way. He loves sports and plays baseball, basketball and football. At his home he spends time taking care of his nine year old brother teaching him what he knows. He thinks that his brother will be a great football player someday. He is a family oriented person and enjoys family activities. Though he wants to venture outside of Kansas City to see things in the world, he is interested in the long term, in staying in Kansas City, going to the University of Missouri to study Biology, though he realizes that his interest could change but probably stay in the fields of math or science. He sees the Automobile Design Studio as a chance to open his mind through the experience, to look at other possibilities for his future life. Scholastically his favorite classes are in math and science. He has been nominated by Norma Crawford, his English teacher and strong supporter, to participate in a program where he would be able to experience culturally diverse opportunities in Kansas City. These could include activities at the University of Missouri Kansas City and other cultural events in the city. His favorite car is a Lincoln. He is a video gamer and he likes to dress up. He likes working in groups and teams and is excited to work with the other students on this common car design problem. He said that he literally broke into a smile when he heard that the students would be a part of the testing of the car, being able to drive the finished vehicle.


Zack is a Junior at DeLaSalle High School. Zack has been a member of the past two years Creative Studio Class. He along with Andrew Deckard, inspired by the BMW Gina concept car, took the final shape design of the last year’s class and executed a wire frame with clear plastic lightweight skin model. The finished model was exhibited at the Kansas City Art Institute “Art of the Car” Concourse. Zack made the presentation of an award that he and Andrew has created in bronze, to the car that they both felt represented excellence in design. In the process Zack learned how to weld and how to make a clay form that was made into the bronze award at the concourse. Zack’s work from two years in the Creative Studio class was published in Road and Track Magazine, an international automotive magazine and twice as the automotive feature in the Kansas City Star Newspaper. Zack’s long range interest is to become an architect. He has spent time shadowing with BNIM Architects in Kansas City. He is known to always be sketching and also has an interest in music having contributed with his cousin in the production of a music CD. Zack will have two mentors that are both architects, Dave Davis and Steve Rees.


Kevon is nineteen and is a senior. He is in his first year at DeLaSalle. In addition to his attendance at DeLaSalle, he is continuing in his second year at the Manual Technology Center in Kansas City in his study in automotive collision repair. His specific expertise in body repair is being used immediately to execute repairs to the damaged tub of the platform Lola race car. He will not only do the body work but also the finish paint job. He is interested in music as a performer and is always involved in entrepreneurial activities focused on sales. He has a family background that includes an influence by his grandfather that repaired cars. He will also be actively involved in the portion of the work related to the ultra lightweight full body envelope. He possesses a broader understanding and experience in general automotive mechanics also. He will be mentored by Chris Crouch the Composite Engineer. With his skills he will be looked upon to be a leader among the students on the project.


Mario is a senior at DeLaSalle High School and has a long range desire to continue his education at McPherson College School of Automotive Restoration in McPherson, Kansas. He would then be able to continue with his interest in the automobile industry as a restoration specialist. The Automotive Design Studio class has an obvious connection to his long range goals and interests. He will be involved in the fabrication techniques for the drive line system and the body of the car. Mario is also involved in the STEPS program at DeLaSalle. This is a program that immerses the students into an environmental study that also places the students in working positions in environmental businesses. Mario has done an internship with BNIM Architects in Kansas City, Missouri that is headed by Bob Berkebile an internationally known environmentalist. The Automobile Design Studio project goal is to address the environmental impact of complexity and weight in the design of a vehicle. It is a principal that can be applied to the design of an automobile and to other elements in the environment, such as buildings. His education will give him a socially conscious approach to a real world business.

John.jpg JOHN SHAW

John is a senior at DeLaSalle High School and has found DeLaSalle a good place for a high level of performance academically. He has been at the school since 2007. John has an interest in architecture and has also expressed an interest in the Job Corp Program. John has participated in the after school Robotics program at DeLaSalle with a team that competed successfully against much larger schools with more resources. The project involved breaking down program requirements and finding efficient, predictable and reliable systems to have an affective solution that can do the job and be reliable. John has worked with his father that has a passion for automobile mechanics on maintenance and repairs to the family cars. He has worked in the summer at Worlds of Fun and has often taken care of and influenced his younger nephews and nieces as a responsible family oriented young man. He is thoughtful in what he does and will be a mature influence on the members of the project team. John’s favorite car is a Mustang.