Week Fourteen: Foam was finally applied this week as the first step in creating the body mold. (Click for more pictures).


Week Thirteen: Students worked on refining the final shape of the body by restretching the plastic skin. (Click for more pictures).

Week Eleven: This was a pivotal week as the students began shaping the body by using plastic and wire. (Click for more pictures).

Week Ten: Students began making clay models that preview body concepts. (Click for more pictures).

==Week Nine: Students assembled the chassis and made models to use as the basis for their clay bodies. (Click for more pictures).


Week Eight: Bridgestone is working on special tires for the project and sent wheels on which they will be mounted.

Jon Stuckey, the engineer working with our project, reported the following: "I have a new tire and a tire with reduced skid depth in the testing loop at my lab. The mass of the first tire with reduced skid is 19.6 lbs (22.2lbs new). The tire is compliant with all DOT regulations. The combination of reduced skid depth and maximum allowable inflation pressure (350kPa, 51psi) with your light corner load should put us at rolling loss coefficient of about 0.007 or 2.1 lbs of drag force for 300lbs of load.
== Week Seven was a continuation of aerodynamics, and the beginning of sketching body shapes. (Click for more pictures).


Week Six was a discussion about aerodynamics. Kevon Mebane painted the car's chassis tub. (Click for more pictures )


== Week Five was a continued discussion about the motor that will power the car. (Click for more pictures )


Week Four was back in the shop to learn how brakes work. (Click for more pictures)


Week Three was a continuation of the study of automotive technology. (Click for more pictures)


Week Two consisted of a classroom session, held in a vintage car repair shop,

to get familiar with basic automotive terms. (Click for more pictures)


Week One: Students got their first hands-on experience with the Lola Indy car in a chilly shop space. (Click for more pictures).