The DeLaSalle Automotive Design Studio is primarily and foremost about the educational experience for the students. The teaching process will be unique, pairing one student to one adult mentor, not always one on one, but broadly allowing the students direct connection to individual adults, along the way, that possess unique skills that are targeted directly to the project. The adults will work carefully to create “windows” that the students can work within to make decisions themselves in designing and fabricating the project vehicle. The work has been focused to two primary areas, the design of the ultra light body and the electrical propulsion system. The project will connect the students to the real world, working on important environmental issues of our time. They will learn to understand and breakdown process and learn how to communicate as a team to make progress in an efficient way to meet schedules. In the end the work will be evaluated to see how it met its challenge and how scientifically it performs. All the mentors have experience as educators of youth, be it through schools or through activities like coaching and Boy Scouts. They all understand the project is that of the students and that they are but enablers. It is an unprecedented group of like minded individuals with incredible experiences and tools to bring to the students.