MartyJon.jpgMarty Yurjevich, left, and Jon Stuckey

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations

Marty Yurjevich, Executive Director Consumer and Race Tire Development, and Jon Stuckey, Senior Project Engineer, Tire Technology Team, have been valuable members of our team. They did theoretical and laboratory testing of various Firestone and Bridgestone tires to determine which offered the least amount of rolling resistance. Their research debunked the original plan to use motorcycle tires, which they also tested. The proper automobile tires roll with much less resistance than the smaller motorcycle tires, and the car is currently shod with Firestone Firehawk tires that were donated by company. Marty and Jon spent the better part of a day touring DeLaSalle and meeting with students. They presented their detailed research to the students in an after-school meeting and visited the shop where the car is being constructed. Marty and Jon also hosted the students and mentors at the IndyCar race at the Kansas Speedway.