“Young people today face many challenges that most of us have never considered. This is why the mission and vision of DeLaSalle Education Center continues to remain relevant after 38 years in the community.

With a traditional approach to education, change might be overwhelming, but at DeLaSalle change is embraced and accepted as an inevitable constant and more, a best practice. In fact, it is the ability to constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of young people that makes DeLaSalle successful and a standard bearer for innovation.

We have developed programs and are providing new types of services to help them to heal, grow and prepare for the future. DeLaSalle is a safe haven for students who are in need of change and has become the “school of choice” for many of them. DeLaSalle has demonstrated through the years that when children’s needs are placed first, change happens

As we look to the future of our organization, we are excited about the hope and optimism that infuses the halls of DeLaSalle. Students are supported and encouraged to believe in themselves. They are challenged to be the best version of themselves and they aspire to be more than they have ever considered. This growth would not be possible without the hard work of our faculty, staff and volunteers who set high standards, act as role models, and provide the inspiration and network of support students need to achieve.

Our motto of “Opportunity Powered by Education” is more than just a slogan. It is the spirit that allows us to develop these innovative programs in response to the changing needs of our students, It is why we partner with other community agencies that offer support services to our students. And it is why we reinforce the value of education each and every day.

DeLaSalle has thrived for over 38 years through a model of responsive, holistic education. At DeLaSalle, we envision a community in which every young person achieves a quality education that fosters and stimulates their true potential.”

Gary Ballard, President of the Board of Directors.